EIWA Kasei Blowing Agents

We are the manufacturer and distributor of not only organic agents such as ADCA, DPT and OBSH, but also inorganic blowing agents such as bicarbonate compounds.  We also develop blowing agent activators and produce blowing agent compounds for your convenience, as well as high efficiency moisture retaining blowing agents for easy handling and blowing agent concentrate.

What is a Blowing Agent?

A blowing agent is a chemical substance that is widely used in generating the gas to expand rubber, plastics and ceramics to create foam.  It can also be thought of as a type of “baking powder” for rubber, plastics and ceramics.  Blowing agents can add the following benefits and features to make your products:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Heat Insulated
  3. Sound Absorbent
  4. More elastic
  5. Permeable
  1. Electrically Insulated
  2. Excellently Textured
  3. Wood Grain
  4. Shock Absorbent

What is a Blowing Agent Activator?            

Decomposition temperatures rise to high levels when only blowing agents are used and may not satisfy the foam molding conditions.  In such cases, the chemical added to adjust the decomposition temperature of the blowing agent is called the blowing agent activator.

e.g. Urea compound (Cellpaste-K5, etc) and zinc compounds.

What is a Blowing Agent Compound?

We have the capability to produce blowing agents which combine more than two kinds of blowing agents or blowing agent activators in order to create an effective mixture with our own foaming techniques as the manufacturer.  This will make it unnecessary to compound blowing agents by yourself.

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